Blue Bubbles

What We Do

We maintain a team of trained and experienced professionals who can produce and inspect batches to maintain high quality standards. Our facility maintains strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so that every run of cosmetic and personal care, Home Care or Home Fragrance products is consistent, including:
• Creams
• Advanced Skin Care Formulations
• Emulsions
• Hot fills
• Liquids
• Lotions
• Serums
• Perfume
• Home Fragrance

Blue Bubbles Cosmetic Production

Our 1320 square foot facility houses batching tanks and filling lines designed to accommodate a wide range of custom formulas and designs and manufacture them to exact specifications. This top of the line equipment allows us to provide consistent, high quality products in a variety of batch and order sizes.


Blue Bubbles Product Manufacturing

Cosmetics and Personal Care Manufacturing

Blue Bubbles is a family owned contract manufacturing company based in Linbro Business Park, Johannesburg. Our company is a young competitor in the contract manufacturing for skin and hair care products. Our current customer base is manufacturing for a prominent Direct Marketing Company in SA as well as, Large Retailers, Hotels, Spas, small businesses.

Quality and consistency in manufactured products, especially in the cosmetics and personal care product industries, are critical to establishing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. One of the key advantages of employing Blue Bubbles Soap as your contract manufacturer for your company’s operations is the assurance that your formulas are followed precisely during each and every  production run ensuring the highest and most consistent quality.


Product Research, Formulation, & Development

Our family-owned business focuses on providing exceptional service and quality products—in fact with our experienced team and attentive focus on research and development, we can help bring your products to market, meeting the premium standard our customers have come to expect.

We’re experienced in all facets of product research, the formulation of complex products, formula cost reduction, replicating established formulas, and offering innovative products at a great value.

Blue Bubbles Product Research

Our BBS research and development process for successful products

Marketing Brief

We start with receiving your formulation brief or helping you create a formula brief that can be passed on to our R&D team.


Once the premise of the product has been created, research and development teams design the product.

Materials and packaging sourcing

Depending on budgetary requirements, the appropriate packaging suppliers are chosen for the product


From Batching through the Filling process there are quality checks performed.

Final product

Finally, the product goes through one last round of testing before it’s released to the customer

Blue Bubbles Packaging


As part of the product  development process, we work with you and your packaging  options to help identify the best option for your specific products. We can also share our experience with packaging.

Packaging is one of the most important elements in the marketability of your product line. Not only are the right container and graphics critical in terms of visual appeal,  brand identification, and innovation, but it’s also important to choose packaging components that are compatible with a particular formula and can be filled efficiently; therefore, we strongly recommend compatibility testing.

Because the items we manufacture are unique to each of our customers, we do not stock any packaging . You have the option to provide us with components, or you can advise what specific containers are of interest and we can  acquire them for you.

Blue Bubbles Cosmetic Production
Blue Bubbles Cosmetic Production
Blue Bubbles Beauty Product Manufacturing
Blue Bubbles Pet Care Manufacturing
Blue Bubbles Beauty Product Manufacturing