Blue Bubbles

Blue Bubbles

At Blue Bubbles our mission is to create affordable luxuries in the world of personal care and cosmetic production.

We are a full service Development and Manufacturer of Personal Care, Toiletries, Home Care, Pet Care, and Specialty Products.

With our extensive experience & knowledge in cosmetic contract manufacturing, we can assist you step by step with developing and manufacturing products specific to your needs.

Blue Bubbles Cosmetic Production
Blue Bubbles Cosmetic Production
Blue Bubbles Cosmetic Production
Blue Bubbles Beauty Product Manufacturing
Blue Bubbles Pet Care Manufacturing
Blue Bubbles Beauty Product Manufacturing

Cosmetics and Personal Care Manufacturing

Quality and consistency in manufactured products, especially in the cosmetics and personal care product industries , are critical to establishing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. One of the key advantages of employing Blue Bubbles Soap as your  contract manufacturer for your company’s operations is the     assurance that your formulas are followed precisely during each and every production run ensuring the highest and most consistent quality.


What We Offer

Blue Bubbles Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing Batch Inspection

We maintain a team of trained and experienced professionals who can produce and inspect batches to maintain high quality standards. Our facility maintains strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) so that every run of cosmetic and personal care, Home Care or Home Fragrance products is consistent.

Blue Bubbles Product Research

Product Research and Development

Our family-owned business focuses on providing exceptional service and quality products, in fact with our experienced team and attentive focus on research and development, we can help bring your products to market, meeting the premium standard our customers have come to expect.

Blue Bubbles Packaging


As part of the product development process, we work with you and your packaging options to help identify the best option for your specific products. We can also share our experience with packaging.